Talent Academy - About_us

The Talent Academy breaks the monotonous format of learning by offering different variety of training modules, which includes offline and online programs. We specialize in teaching competition math, fundamentals of coding, computer science, and for those who are aspiring to write the TJ math essay. Our goal is to efficiently learn the fundamentals of computer science and math problem-solving skills before moving onto more advanced training. Our courses are interestingly structured with: weekly online homework, 1-hour instruction, 1-hour problem solving/labs, and 15-30 minutes homework support session.


Our module is designed in such a way that students can choose topics, as the lectures will be conducted for all the topics in order. We would strongly recommend the student to work on the topic taught in that specific session, but it is structured in such a way that even after missing any session, students can ask for clarity and help for the problem they missed in the module. Basic to advance level modules can be availed based on an individual's requirement.