Talent Academy Programs

Post at 15-03-2022 09:19:54

Talent Academy is here with a sophisticated application developed for students and teachers to get onto a single platform to have a hassle-free learning experience with complete safety and comfort. Students learn at their own comfort and teachers get the privilege to share knowledge from their comfort.

The Talent Academy breaks the monotonous format of learning by offering a different variety of training modules, which includes offline and online programs. Our module is designed in such a way that students can choose topics, as the lectures will be conducted for all the topics in order. We would strongly recommend the student work on the topic taught in that specific session. But it is structured in such a way that even after missing any session, students can ask for clarity and help for the problem they missed in the module


We offer different kinds of programs for the students as mentioned below:
1. High School Math’s
2. ACSL Theory
3. High School Physics
4. Problem-Solving Skills
5. Middle Exam Practice
6. ACSL Coding
7. Java Programming Courses
8. Algebra
9. Elementary

**We have workshops, summer classes, and some free events also in which we have a minimum no of seats left.

We provide courses for all grades and levels. Which are:
1) Standard of learning for grade 3 to grade 8.
2) Primary Mathematics with level 3 to level 6.
3) AMC 8 and AMC 10
4) American Computer Science League for all the levels, i.e., is Junior, intermediate and senior.
5) Computer science foundation courses to mid-level to advance courses with hands-on experience with coding and all types of programming languages like python, java, and more.
6) Elementary problem solving for levels 3, 4, and 5.
7) Problem-Solving Skill modules specially designed separately for Beginners, Mini and Advance.
8). WIde choices of Algebra modules that consist of pre-algebra, Algebra VDOE 1, Algebra Honors 1.5, Algebra IOWA Test Series, Algebra 2Trig, and more.
9) Math count Chapters separate for State level and national level.
10) The interesting Arithmetic Games are also part of the lot.

Why TA Academy??
There are different courses that TA offers for different levels with different time schedules. All topics from basic to advanced math, coding, computer science, etc are available. Students can try the free sample trial class to get a better insight into the program. But the early bird gets the benefits as there are limited slots. Students can even opt for a single class or series of classes. Based on their self-interest they can register for the course or module they intend to learn and practice. They can even just enroll for just mock tests which provide them practice with various types of question papers and give a real test feel. They can also select mock tests with scheduled review sessions to have mentoring. Wide bucket of options available for individual students' needs. Students can select or enroll in a single course or multiple courses by selecting different time schedules. They can even opt for classes or mock tests specially held only over the weekend. We offer a range of coding courses and learn how to code using different incredibly useful languages.