Elem. Problem solving skills Level 3

Elementry Problem solving skills Level3

In Talent academy elementry problem-solving teams of up to 35 students explore mathematical Level 3 concepts while developing flexibility in solving non-routine problems with multiple solution paths. Our problems will prepare your students to exceed the rigors of your core curriculum by developing higher-order Elementry Problem solving Level3. This is a form of learning based on discovery: to solve the problem, you must both think and compute systematically.

Four classmates are to stand in order from tallest to shortest . Tom is taller than Sally. Sally is taller than Bob. Maria is taller than Bob but shorter than Sally. Using the clues, place the four friend in order from tallest to shortest. Answer :(Tom,sally,maria,bob) Solution :
Drawing a picture as each clue is used is a way for the student to find the places's from tallest to shortest: Tom is taller then sally: Tom sally Sally is taller than Bob: Tom Sally Bob Maria is taller than Bob but shorter than sue: Tom Sally Maria Bob. Help Text : The answer is in the form(without space): bob,maria,tom,sally - One way to add number mentally is to add the tens together first, followed by the ones. For example, to find 43+25, You might do this: 40+20=60 60+5=65 65+3=68 Practice these problems using this way to add. you will be asked to work a problem mentally when you turn in your paper 47+22= 56+45= 43+27= 44+27= What is 34+25= ? Answer :59 Expected Answer : "59" Solution : Give the students this problem posted where several can read it at one time: and have them write only the answer on their paper. Write a number sentence using all of the given number and symbols. 6, 9, 7, 5, 3, = , + , + , - Answer :7+5-9+3=6 Expected Answer : "7+5-9+3=6" Solution : (7+5-9+3=6 is one solution) Students can try writing the numbers and signs on small pieces of paper or index cards, and moving them around until they reach a solution . they might try lining up the numbers in a certain order, and just manipulating the signs to see if they can get a number sentence that works. if not, change the order of the numbers and try again. Help Text : Write your answer is in this form 1+5-9+3=0 (without space)

Should the object be measured in grams or in kilograms? a. a feather: b. bulldog: c. television set: d. a penny: Answer :a. grams; b. kilograms; c. kilograms; d. grams Solution : The problem gives a sense of whether the student has number sense related to the weight of common objects, and the metric units used to measure them. Help Text : Represent kilograms as 'kg' and grams as 'g'. Answer in the order a,b,c,d (eg: g,g,kg,kg) There are 4 more oranges than apples in the fruit bowl. There are 5 more apples than bananas.There are 2 bananas. How many of each type of fruit is in the bowl? How many pieces of fruit in all? __________bananas _____________oranges __________apples ______________fruit Answer :2 bananas, 7 apples, 11 oranges, and 20 pieces of fruit Expected Answer : "2,7,11,20" Solution : Students can begin with the fact they know -- 2 bananas -- and find the number of apples by adding 5, and the number of oranges by adding 4 to the number of apples. Bill was staring across the street where bicycles and tricycles were stored. He counted a total of 13 wheels. How many bicycles and tricycles were in the lot? What is another answer for this problem ? Answer: ____ bicycles and ____ tricycles. Answer :5 bicycles and 1 tricycle or 2 bicycles and 3 tricycles Solution : The purpose of this extension to the previous problem is to show students that many times there is more than one solution to a mathematics problem Bob has opened his book about motorcycles. When he added the numbers of the two pages together, the sum was 69. To what two pages was the book opened? Answer :34,35 Solution : The student might use an “educated” guess-and-check strategy, reasoning that half of 60 is 30, so the page numbers must be around 30. The numbers must also be consecutive. Then 30+ 31, 314+ 32, 32+33, 334 34, and 34 + 35 can be tried until the numbers add to 69 (34 + 35). Some students might actually thumb through a book, until they find page numbers that sum to 69. If so, they might notice an interesting pattern in that the odd numbers are always on the right, and the even numbers always on the left, in any book they pick up. This is because books always begin with page 1 on the right-hand side.

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