Mini Problem Solving Skill

TA Mini Problem Solving Skill

Best for junior high and middle school students with mathematical knowledge with moderate level mathematical experience in it.

This Course comprises of around 700 problems in it. Concepts covered here are Mini Sequence, series and Patterns, Mini Probability, Mini Squares and more may more concepts that cultivates and nurtures students so that you can become better at dealing with problems over time.

Problem-solving is considered a skill on its own, but it’s supported by many other skills that can help you be a better problem solver. So working for mini problems gives you fair idea to how to deal with basics and how to advance.

So working for mini problems gives you a fair idea of how to deal with basics and how to advance.

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Mini Solving Equations

  • Solving Quadratic Equations
  • Seeing Symmetry in Systems of Equations

Mini Number Sense

  • Number Sense/Riddles with Remainders and Perfect Squares

Mini Probability

  • Probability/Rolling Dice
  • Probability and Counting
  • Probability Problem Solving
  • A Simpler Approach to Find Probability and Count Outcomes
  • Conditional Probability
  • Probability with Geometry Representations
  • Using Geometric Models to Determine Probability

Mini Sequences, series and Patterns

  • Arithmetic Sequences
  • Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
  • Arithmetic Sequences/Determining the nth Term
  • Relationships Between Arithmetic Sequences, Mean and Median
  • Sequences
  • Patterns, Sequences and Series
  • More Patterns, Sequences and Series
  • Sequences of Numbers and Events
  • Number Sense: Looking for Patterns
  • Sequences and Central Tendency
  • Number Sense Problems with Patterns and Remainders
  • Even More Sequences, Series and Patterns
  • Looking for Patterns and Other Strategies
  • Seeing Patterns to Make Problems Easier
  • Sum and Average of an Evenly Spaced List of Integers

Mini Algebra

  • Algebra/Manipulating Equations
  • Algebra Rates
  • Using Algebra to Solve Word Problems
  • Algebraic Equations from Word Problems
  • Turning Word Problems into Algebra Equations
  • Non-standard Operators in Algebraic Expressions
  • Using Algebra and Number Sense as Shortcuts
  • More Shortcuts Using Algebra and Number Sense
  • Solving Complex Algebraic equations
  • More Complex Algebraic Equations
  • More Algebra Strategies

Mini Counting Strategies

  • Counting Methods/Number of Arrangements
  • Counting Paths
  • Counting the Number of Subsets of a Set
  • Counting Rectangles in a Grid/Squares in a Lattice Grid
  • Constructive Counting
  • More Constructive Counting
  • Solving Counting Problems using Cases
  • More counting Using cases
  • Counting Possibilities
  • Counting Shortcuts with Pascal's Triangle
  • More Counting Strategies

Mini Squares

  • Perfect Squares
  • Perfect Squares/Using a Simpler Case to Solve a Problem
  • Using the Difference of Squares to Solve Problems
  • Recognizing Squares and Solving a Simpler Problem
  • Difference of Squares
  • Squares of Binomials & Working with Repeating Decimals and Radical Expressions

Bases and Powers

  • Bases and Powers
  • More Bases and Powers

Mini Geometry: Circles and triangles

  • Right Triangles
  • Circles and Right Triangles
  • Circles and Triangles Revisited
  • More Circles and Right Triangles
  • Circles and Area Revisited
  • Geometry/Auxiliary Lines & Special Right Triangles
  • Geometry/30-60-90 Right Triangles
  • More 30-60-90 Right Triangles
  • Labeling Figures: A Geometry Problem Solving Strategy
  • Trapezoids and Triangles

Mini Analytic Geometry

  • Analytic Geometry
  • More Analytic Geometry
  • Even more Analytic Geometry

Mini Geometry: Area and Volume

  • Area and Volume
  • Relationships Between a Box's Dimensions, Volume and Surface Area
  • Area of Irregular Polygons Reboot
  • Areas of Irregular Convex Polygons
  • Composed and Decomposed Area and Volume
  • Maximum Area of Inscribed Rectangles & Triangles

Mini Geometry: Similar triangles

  • Similar Triangles
  • Tangent Segments & Similar Triangles
  • Similar Triangles and Proportional Reasoning
  • Similarity and Proportional Reasoning
  • Using Similarity to Solve Geometry Problems

Mini Geometry: Three Dimensional Figures

  • 3-D Geometry
  • Three-Dimensional Figures

Mini a different approach to solving a problem

  • New Approaches to Rate x Time = Distance
  • Finding Simpler Ways to Approach a Complex Problem
  • More Than One Way to Solve a Problem
  • Even More Than One Way to Solve a Problem
  • A Different Way to Think About Polynomials

Mini sketches

  • Draw a Picture
  • Make a sketch