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The Standards of Learning (SOL) for Virginia Public Schools has set level of expectations for the students to score well in the exam. So talent academy is here with course specially designed for grade 2 students. As grade 2 is the initial stage for students to get the most out of the basic concepts to have clearer understanding in the advancing courses.

Here are a few examples of course problems with their solutions.

Question The table shows the number of catches for each of five members on a softball team. Coach Hart calculated the mean, median, mode, and range for these data. He realized that he forgot to include Louise’s 11 catches in the table. If Coach Hart now includes Louise’s data with the data for the other five members, which of the following statistical measures would change from his original calculations?
A) Mean
B) Median
C) Mode
D) Range
Answer A

ProblemKenan recorded the outcomes he got when he flipped a fair coin 30 times. If he flips the same coin 300 more times, then he should expect that for these 300 flips —
F) less than 60 flips will land tails up
G) close to 150 flips will land heads up
H) between 250 and 300 flips will land tails up
J) more than 250 flips will land heads up
Solution G

Ask Which of these situations involves a combination? A. Determining how many different groups of 3 employees can be chosen from 10 employees B. Determining how many different seating chats can be made placing 7 people around a table C. Determining how many different ways 8 runners can be assigned lanes on a track for a preliminary race D. Determining how many different 6-letter passwords can be made using the letters in the world "pencil"
Response A

Q. TOhm’s Law relates to a simple electric circuit and states: One circuit has a resistance of 8 ohms when the voltage is 48 volts and the current is 6 amperes. What is the resistance of a second circuit that has a voltage of 128 volts and a current of 8 amperes?
A. 120 ohms
B. 64 ohms
C. 28 ohms
D. 16 ohms
A. A
Sample. Boyle’s Law states that, for a fixed amount of gas, the volume of the gas at a constant temperature is inversely proportional to the pressure. If a certain gas occupies 9.84 liters at a pressure of 50 centimeters of mercury (cm Hg), what is the approximate pressure when the volume is increased to 12 liters?
F. 39.8 cm Hg
G. 41.0 cm Hg
H. 43.2 cm Hg
J. 45.1 cm Hg
Ans. G
Query. Reread the section “Fight or Flight” in the article. Which sentence from the folktale best supports the information from the section?
A. Miobe pondered these words and decided he must find a way to conquer fear.
B. He did not want to insult the man, but he saw nothing there.
C. He began to see the smoke and fire, the wrinkled skin, the fiery eyes.
D. Miobe shivered and his heart fluttered, but he was determined.
Reply. D

All concepts from basic to advance concepts of mathematics are taught with multiple training modules and practice sessions that are well explained by our experts. Talent Academy provides online classes, homework and training modules/tests that help students to grasp all the concepts and apply them during the test.

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SOL Grade 2

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