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Talent academy provides Standards of Learning (SOL) problem solving skills training for grade 3 which are integrated and follows the School of Open Learning throughout the content strands. The acquisition of specialized mathematical vocabulary and language is crucial to a student’s understanding and appreciation of the subject and fosters confidence in mathematics communication and problem-solving.

Here are a few examples of course problems with their solutions.

Question 33 x 5 = ? Which problem can be solved using the number sentence given above?
A. Calvin had 33 trading cards. He gave 5 of them to Wendy. How many trading cards does Calvin have left?
B. Sherman has 33 pages of stamps. Each page has 5 stamps on it. How many stamps is that all together?
C. The school store sold 33 bookmarks before lunch. They sold 5 bookmarks after lunch. How many bookmarks were sold in all?
D. Sally read for 33 minutes before dinner. She read for 5 minutes after dinner. How many minutes did she read in all?
Answer B

Problem Apple juice concentrate is mixed with water to make apple juice. Which final mixture has the highest percentage of apple juice concentrate?
F) 400 mL apple juice concentrate mixed with 600 mL water
G) 400 mL apple juice concentrate mixed with 400 mL water
H) 300 mL apple juice concentrate mixed with 600 mL water
J) 300 mL apple juice concentrate mixed with 400 mL water
Solution G

Query These box-and-whisker plots summarize the heights of the boys and the heights of the girls in an eighth-grade class. Based on the data in these box-and-whisker plots, which statement is true? r
F) The tallest student in the class is a girl. r
G) The shortest student in the class is a boy. r
H) The range of the boys’ heights is greater than the range of the girls’ heights. r
J) The median height of the girls is greater than the median height of the boys.r
Response F

Q. The table shows the number of each color of counters in a box. Each counter is the same size and shape. If Tim closes his eyes and pulls 1 counter from the box, which BEST describes the chance the counter will be yellow?
F. Certain
G. Likely, but not certain
H. Unlikely, but not impossible
J. Impossible
A. J

Sample. Kaitlyn recorded the amount of rainfall at her house each week during April. The bar graph below shows her results. Based on the data in the bar graph, which of the following statements is true?
F. Week 2 and week 4 had the same number of inches of rain.
G. Week 3 had the greatest number of inches of rain.
H. Week 2 had a greater number of inches of rain than week 1.
J. Week 1 had the least number of inches of rain.
Ans. F
Query. Sandy served hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza for lunch at her party. She also served fruit punch, orange juice, and soda to drink. The chart lists some possible combinations for one lunch item and one drink item. Which possible combination is missing from the chart?
F. Hamburger and fruit punch
G. Orange juice and soda
H. Hamburger and pizza
J. Fruit punch and orange juice
Reply. f

All students of grade 3 can take customized homework schedules based on their course and concepts difficulty. As each student has his or her own learning phase so students can select the course based on their own phase. The main moto is to get all students on the same pace once its time for the student to take the test or exam.

SOL Grade 3

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