SOL Grade 6

SOL Grade 6|School of Open Learning

In the Standard of learning (SOL) for grade 6 students will investigate and describe School of Open Learning concepts. All the concepts need to be practiced thoroughly to score well in the exams. Few of the topics/ concepts that students need to learn are positive exponents, perfect squares, square roots, and, for numbers greater than 10, scientific notation, investigate, describe, and extend numerical and geometric patterns, including triangular numbers, patterns formed by powers of 10, and arithmetic sequences, describe the mean, median, and mode as measures of central tendency, describe the range, and determine their meaning for a set of data and more.

Q A number machine uses a rule to change numbers into different numbers. The following picture shows what happens when three different numbers go into and come out of the same number machine. What number should come out if the number 12 goes into this number machine?
F. 16
G. 22
H. 33
J. 36

Sample For science class, Mr. Jennings is ordering kits that contain caterpillars that will change into butterflies. The table below shows the total number of kits he must order to get different numbers of caterpillars. Based on the data in the table, what will be the total number of caterpillars in 8 kits?
F. 38
G. 40
H. 42
J. 48
Ans J

Asking The graph shows the amount of money each homeroom class earned for the 4th-grade fundraiser. Based on information in the graph, which statement is true? A. Ms. Jones’ class earned the most of the four classes. B. Mr. Henry’s class earned less than any other class. C. Ms. Davis’ class earned more than twice what Ms. Jones’ class earned. D. Ms. Smith’s class earned more than twice what Ms. Davis’ class earned.
Reply C

Here are a few examples of course problems with their solutions.

Question. Irene has a group of counters like the ones pictured below. In the group are 9 counters with a star on them and 1 counter without a star. If one counter is chosen from the group without looking, which of the following best describes the chances that it will be the one without a star?
A. Certain
B .Likely, but not certain
C .Unlikely, but not impossible
D .Impossible
Answer. C

Problem. Nancy has 2 quarters, 5 dimes, 1 nickel and 6 pennies in her pocket. Which of the following questions about the coins could you use probability to solve? F. What is the total value of these coins? G. How many more pennies than nickels does Nancy have? H. If Nancy takes 1 coin from her pocket without looking, what kind of coin is it most likely to be? J. If Nancy finds 1 more dime, how many coins will she have then?
Solution. 34

Query. The men’s 110-meter hurdles is an event in the Olympic games. The distance from the starting line to the first hurdle is 13.72 meters. The distance from the first hurdle to the second hurdle is 9.14 meters. What is the total distance from the starting line to the second hurdle?
A. 19.86 meters B. 22.86 meters C. 23.86 meters D. 24.86 meters
Response. B

Here in Talent academy we teach each and every concept with many practice problems. Students need to utilise all the resources. All the tests or training modules are taken in a pen and paper model to replicate the original test feels so students are completely ready for the original test.

SOL Grade 6

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