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Elementary Java Course Labs - FOR Elementary Kids

It's ideal to introduce coding to a child using concepts and examples that they're already familiar with. You can use a video game as an example (the way they can tell their character what to do through button pressing is similar to how they can command a computer with code); a recipe (the way they follow a recipe to make something is similar to how a computer follows instructions to create apps, websites, and more); or giving someone instructions on how to do something (They can teach a computer to do a task in the same way they would help a lost child find their way back to their classroom.) Second, keep things as straightforward as possible. Because the explanation of coding, as well as coding phrases and buzzwords, can be difficult to comprehend, utilize vocabulary that your children are familiar with to explain the keywords as they continue to study. A loop, for example, is a complicated term that means "a sequence of instructions that is repeatedly repeated until a given condition is met." Explaining a loop as "something that happens until a certain condition is attained" and then painting a visual picture for them, such as "a loop is like taking a Pez candy from the candy dispenser's mouth until all the candy is gone," can be useful. more
Jun 10 2022 to Sep 02 2022
Friday 6 PM EST
05:45 PM EDT - 07:00 PM EDT  

4 Spots Open