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Student Review

The Talent Academy Systems ACSL course helped me tremendously to increase my ability in computer science. Before this year, I had very little knowledge of Java and ACSL even after going to another place. By learning at Talent Academy Systems, I increased my capability to learn Java and the short-problem portion. By going to class for just 2 hours every week, I could understand more about computer science. Both of the teachers devote a lot of time into our learning and help us understand more about both Java and computer science short-problems. It just amazes me when I see how much I have learned between September, 2019 and May, 2020 by learning at Talent Academy Systems.
Soham Jain at 22-05-2020
I think that the Juinor Division of ACSL is really good. I like the programming questions more than the theory problems, but they are fine to do. I truthfully like it and would do it next year again.
Medha Pappula at 22-05-2020
I think it was good because it gave me homework to-do over the week and I didn't need to print anything out. And it was good because it gave lot of examples to-do and overall it is very flexible and I got better by doing the problems!
Amrusha Chittturi at 22-05-2020
I think this class was pretty good because I learned a lot. At first, I didn't even know what Java was, but now I can actually write programs and properly do theory problems. My teacher was good because he taught a lot.
Aryan Jain at 22-05-2020
The problems in the talent academy helped me review the topics for the all star test and helped me practice
Sudeeksha Enugu at 22-05-2020
Sharad and Vandana continue to be excellent in teaching, both in the classroom and online. They are teachers who devotes a great amount of personal effort and interest to their daily teaching activities, as well as to their students. As one would expect, student evaluations of their teaching remain very high in all categories. This past year they undertook, as part of a teaching team, the development of a ACSL course. Their contributions to the first-time implementation of ACSL course contributed significantly to its success. Above all, they remain open and receptive to comments and suggestions as to how their teaching can grow and improve. In that regard I commend them for the ways in which they have responded positively to some of the things they and kids have discussed during class room sessions as well as in less formal settings.
Amrusha Chittturi at 27-05-2020