ACSL Coding

Talentacad ACSL Coding

TA ACSL Senior Division Coding - Contest Years 2001-02 through 2021-22

This course contains the Senior Division Theory problems that were given by the American Computer Science League (ACSL) during the nine academic years, 2001-10 through 2021-22. The theory questions test students on fundamental concepts in computer science (6-9 months session)

TA Intermediate Division Coding - Contest Years 2001-02 to 2022-23

Recommend it for high school and advance junior high students who have little to no programming knowledge. Each contest consists of an online 30-min, 5-question short answer test and an online programming problem to solve in 72 hours. Various practice contents are available. (7-9 months session with teacher assistant)

TA ACSL Junior Division Coding - Contest Years 2001-02 through 2022-23

Pre Requisite: The student needs to complete Introduction to Computer Programming and Coding labs to enroll in this particular course Best for junior high and middle school students with no previous programming experience. Students up to grade 9 can enroll. (Course duration: 12-16 weeks depending upon the student's performance.)