Computer Science

Talentacad Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Programming - JAVA

Java is a modern, evolutionary computing language that combines an elegant language design with powerful features that were previously available primarily in specialty languages. Java is a true object-oriented (OO) programming language which is helpful in real life.

Introduction to Computer Programming - Python

Python is an interpreted scripting language. Students with python scripting knowledge can easily work on any servers of web applications. Python with software helps in making a smooth workflow. It is used for rapid prototyping or production-ready software development.

Coding Labs

We provide coding battle course which help enhance coding skills. It covers basics of java, warm up collections of API, functions and recursions of API, Java spring API, array, loop any many more such concepts are taught in-depth with lot of practice content.


The APCS course helps students get familiar with the concepts and tools of computer science. The course covers in-depth Java programming language. Students gain hands-on work to design, write, and test computer programs that solve problems or accomplish tasks.

Computer Data Structure

Data structure are the organizational tools which cover various concepts like primitive data structures, compound data structures, tree structures, hash structures, graph structures and more concepts. It helps students in easily organizing and storing data.

Foundations of Computer Science

In the course sequence you will learn to write programs that utilize both procedural and object oriented techniques to solve problems. Strong foundation to computer science is set along with coding experience with lot of practice sessions in foundation and coding.