Algebra Honors 1.5

Prerequisites: None for Algebra 1.5 A. Algebra 1.5 A, or the equivalent. A thorough introduction for students in grades 6-9 to algebraic topics such as linear equations, ratios, special factorizations, complex numbers, sequences, series, exponents, polynomials, etc. Scheduled for 12 weeks.

Algebra IOWA Test Series

The Algebra IOWA is specially taken for advancing entrance exams. Students need to practice daily to excel. We provide daily and weekly worksheets. Along with it we take frequent mock tests to check and track students progression and give feedbacks to improve. Duration: 10-12weeks.

Foundation of Algebra(VDOE)

The progression of algebraic content is patterning, generalization of arithmetic concepts, proportional reasoning, and representing mathematical relationships using tables, symbols, and graphs. Concrete material is provided that helps students practice weekly. Course period: 12 weeks

Algebra 2Trig

In Algebra 2 students develop algebraic thinking and proportional reasoning skills necessary to solve problems. Students will learn tables, graphs, calculators, and computer simulations are used to interpret algebraic expressions, equations, and more concepts. Scheduled for 12 weeks.